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A league of our own

At Equity for Investment and Real Estate Development, we believe that life is all about transcending norms. Our vision is to find perfection and transcend it; to seek extravagance and exceed it; to develop exclusivity and rise above it. As a thriving real estate development company,

We’ve set out to develop & build exquisite communities that present inspiring living experiences for those who seek exclusivity.

Following the unwavering success of The Waterway, the project’s shareholders set out to reiterate this success story by establishing Equity and expanding the company’s footprint and landbank across the country. Throughout Egypt, Equity’s unrivalled communities are coming to life one by one, delivering a lifestyle of upscale living from coast to coast. Equity is also proud to introduce the development of two new exquisite communities in the New Administrative the Capital and the North Coast.

Equity’s growing portfolio of projects follow the company’s signature motif that speaks luxury, modernity, and practicality. From the aesthetic architecture to the avant-garde designs, distinct layouts and plush landscapes and waterscapes, every project offers new standards of luxury for those who seek quality and finesse above everything else. That’s what places Equity in a league of our own.

Executive team

Equity’s success is driven by a seasoned team of business and real estate connoisseurs with pioneering roles in the Egyptian real estate market. The company was founded by two visionaries who share the same passion of developing “Boutique Communities” that redefine luxurious living experiences.

ahmed el sewedy

As one of Egypt’s most successful and renowned businessmen, Ahmed El Sewedy has an extensive track record of bringing creative strategies to life.

hossam hassan

Recognised as one of the changemakers in the real estate market, Hossam Hassan has been driving successful real estate projects for more than two decades.